When you said:
How far he embraces Barthianism (neo-orthodoxy) cannot be known at this point.
you said more than you know. I am not sure my friend is into Barth or not, but I have been running into people that are. I am not sure it is in relation to this particular topic, but it is related to Barth's view of the Trinity, and is being made popular in the novel called 'The Shack'.
I sure hope my friend isn't dogmatic about this, because people who agree with the novel 'The Shack' about the Trinity, outside of Reformed circles, in my experience seem to be in far greater number than those who don't.
Of course I am only talking about those who have read the novel, but unfortunately I have only found one (Dave Hunt<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/crazyeyes.gif" alt="" /> , who called the book "New Age") non-Reformed Christian that doesn't agree with the Trinity that 'The Shack' portrays.
In fact, there are even theologians that say they disagree with the Trinity that people like Augustine and Calvin; they believe Barth’s view is much closer to the biblical view.

Sorry for going off on a little bunny trail, but I hope you understood my point in mentioning it.