laugh laugh laugh That's pretty funny, Pilgrim. It is good indeed when you can laugh at your former hang-ups, as I do most frequently. grin

One thing I've learned, though, is that you should never ask a person to violate their own conscience in a given matter. Given time, prayer, and serious study, much of our thinking and positions change, but until it does, we should never violate our conscience before God.

There were other things about that church DH didn't like, and rightly so. There seemed to be a great deal of pressure put on people to "perform" the outward, and a tight scrutiny that appeared to be based on works. Just another form of legalism, really, only from a different group of people. Kind of funny, though, that they would be like that, but have no problems using wine. The twain usually n'er do mix, at least not in our experience. evolution