It has been a hectic two weeks. This is something that I should have been aware of and where it was coming from. Especially concerning the areas that were causing me concern. As a matter of fact I had even written on this subject. The Process of Sanctification, and that it most often is a painful process that we undergo.

Sanctification is engineered by the Holy Spirit for our benefit. But it is a powerful and painful process through which He brings changes to our character. Most often allowing us to become aware of our faults and the fact that we still have a 'sin nature' . This can bring about despair and remorse as we realize how far we are from God's perfection and the distance we are from Christ. It can result in a longing as well. A desire for a closer fellowship with Him that seems to be just ever out of our reach. But we tend to resist change as it can be uncomfortable. Our habits and character traits have been with us for many years if left to ourselves we grow comfortable with them.

Regeneration and Justification are instantaneous. We are brought out of spiritual death in an instant through Regeneration by the Holy Spirit. At that same instant when we come to Christ, God declares that we are 'fully justified' and 'righteous' and no longer sees us as sinners but as His adopted children, brothers and sisters of Jesus. But the Process of Sanctification proceeds throughout our lives until we are finally redeemed by Christ, Who gave us over to the sealing and the care of the Holy Spirit, until the end of our life's journey upon the Earth.

God knows that we are not nearly in any state of perfection but He accepted us as we are. But He will not leave us as we were. He initiates the process of Sanctification through which we gradually reflect the image of Jesus Christ. Yes, it can be painful and unpleasant. Some of the early saints referred to this as the 'Dark Night of the Soul".

We cannot not expect to live 'mountaintop' experiences always. There are both peaks and valleys to be encountered in our lives. They are meant to strengthen and help us in our walk with Christ. Every new believer should be made aware of this and provided encouragement in discipleship. When we realize this it provides us with encouragement and renews our faith. Lesson learned for now. Till the next time. Praise God!