For those interested I thought I would provide a link to an interview that John Piper did with Rick Warren.
I must say that as I listened to the interview, I found it quite confusing. Warren states openly that Jonathon Edwards is a hero of his and that he has read almost all of his works.

In my opinion having read enough of Rick Warren's books, I do not see any evidence that Edwards has had any influence on Warren. In fact Warren's works seem opposite to that of Edwards.

Listening to the interview, I couldn't help but think that perhaps if I knew nothing about Warren, I would probably believe that he is a Calvinist.
The more I think about that, the more I can't help but think about how Piper's questions were asked. Piper's questions seemed to be dirrected in such a way that made Warren look good and thus prove Warren's critiques wrong.

Perhaps that aspect tells a lot more about Piper than Warren.
I used to be a fan of John Piper, yet the more I read/hear him in recent times the more I lose respect for him.

I wouldn't mind getting some feedback at people's thoughts of the interview.


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