I'm not so sure that Mohler is directly participatory in the New Calvinism movement. But in This Interview he openly defends it and implictly promotes it. I also read a statement he made where he promotes "mission cooperation" with non-Calvinists. Here is the quote:

2) If Calvinists and non-Calvinists do not find a way to coexist enthusiastically and and partner in missions, the splintering will divide Southern Baptists to the point that we can no longer sustain the program of Cooperative Missions that has marked our existence. If we donít learn to get along and walk together, the SBC is in a lot of trouble! (source: HERE)

I don't know any possible way to "partner in missions", i.e., the bringing forth the gospel to the world, with non-Calvnists for they believe in a different God, different Jesus, different Spirit and a different gospel. shrug See an antidote to this claim here: Cooperation in Evangelism, by John Murray.

He has also appeared at New Calvinist conventions along with other speakers who are an integral part of the New Calvinism movement, e.g., John Piper, C.J. Mahaney and Mark Driscoll. This could be construed as "guilt by association" which may or may not have any substance to it.

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