The left (Dems and RINOs) would have people believe Trump is a buffoon, a joke, a wild haired, bombastic man who can't be trusted. They are the ones who are owned by the political elite who are extremely well funded. THAT is what I wouldn't trust. Trump scares the willies out of them because he cannot and will not be controlled by them. That is something I like. Follow the money trail and it will usually lead you to the source of someone's opinion. Trump does not appear to be ruled by these elites. He may seem rude as he speaks his mind but the real question should be asked: "Is he right?"

We live in a world ruled by deceitful people who will not relinquish their control no matter how this power is obtained. This sort of thing might be expected from Democrats but it is worse when it is done by the RINOs [Republicans In Name Only] for they are the party that claims to adhere to a platform which is most closely aligned with the US Constitution yet, their behavior betrays them as not being truly Republican. This is a most dangerous party. Sort of like Churches which claim to embrace orthodoxy but then redefined terms so that it is difficult to discern how far off they really are.

The Chestnut Mare