I like the fact Trump comes off as a strong man, who will not be swayed. America needs strong leadership. However, I have watched him on a few occasions and he actually said he knew his Bible and proceeded to quote something from memory.
I can't remember the supposed Bible quote, however the quote did not sound like anything I have read before and I read an article written on that issue by a Reformed pastor and he said the same thing.
Understand here, when I vote for someone I do so on the basis of who is the most qualified, not because they are a Christian.
However, if someone claims to be a Christian and even quotes a Bible verse and the evidence makes one doubt their claim. I think that is very telling.
Another thing, although I am very leery about accepting these Muslim immigrants; Trump appears to be going even further than this to the point of going against American policy for religious freedom and going against Muslim Americans. I think this is dangerous, because although it is already happening in Canada and the US, it will make it even harder on Christians.
Understand here, I think Trump and other politicians should be going to so called “Moderate Muslims” to get them to speak out louder against radical Islam. However, that is a lot different than he seems to be saying.
By the way, the sentiments I talked about concerning Trump being a joke were from Reformed Christians in both Canada and the USA. In most of these the word “joke” was not used, however they made themselves clear of what they meant.