When a person is born into this world, they are born into a family of sorts (maybe not even what should be considered a real family), who take care of the needs necessary for growth and development. So also when a person is “born again” and adopted as sons and daughters of God, we are given a new family. Many Christians find themselves alienated by the world, including members of our natal families who reject us for our faith. The redeemed ones, those adopted by God, have been given a new family. This article discusses the nature, responsibilities and privileges of this new family.

The attitudes that should flow from these new relationships do not always follow naturally or easily. But that is all the more reason to grasp this truth forcefully and work at the relationships. John White has put the task in these terms,

You were cleansed by the same blood, regenerated by the same Spirit. You are a citizen of the same city, a slave of the same master, a reader of the same Scriptures, a worshiper of the same God. The same presence dwells silently in you as in them. Therefore you are committed to them and they to you. They are your brothers, sisters, your fathers, mothers and children in God. Whether you like or dislike them, you belong to them. You have responsibilities toward them that must be discharged in love. As long as you live on this earth, you are in their debt. Whether they have done much or little for you, Christ has done all. He demands that your indebtedness to him be transferred to your new family. ~ John White

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The Chestnut Mare
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by frost.
- - - -JRR Tolkien "Lord of the Rings"