By God's lovingkindness, covenant mercy and eternal good pleasure we are given yet another new year to live out our lives unto sanctification by the Spirit and as a reflection of His effulgent glory. May grace be given without measure to each and every one who calls upon the name of the Lord Christ.

This month's Article of the Month is mainly directed to young people, although it is certainly applicable to those of all ages. The title is "Purity in an Age of Impurity" and focuses upon the subject of purity of the body, i.e., sex and marriage. We are now living in a time when marriage is no longer held in high esteem and in a few countries it is the law of the land that marriage is not restricted to just a man and a woman. No, now it is "legal" for anyone one to marry any other person and there are some who have been 'married' to animals and even inanimate objects, e.g., a bridge! drop And that which God has ordained and restricted to the marriage bed...sexual intimacy, has become a matter of recreation and typically without consequence with birth control and abortion available on demand. However, Rev. Michael Ives brings the biblical antidote and presents God's revealed will regarding intimacy. He first speaks to those who are unmarried and unregenerate, then moving on to those who have been brought out of darkness into the light of Christ Jesus through the new birth of the Spirit and who have been united with Christ by a true living faith. He speaks about the abuses of marital intimacy by the world and how to guard against being swept away by the allurement of the world's practices and immorality. He speaks to those who have violated the law of God and how they may be forgiven through confession and repentance of their sin, for God is a gracious and merciful God in Christ. And then he offers practical advice on how to avoid the temptations of the world and our own sinful nature, which those who have been given a new heart know is a life long struggle.

May this article serve, by the Spirit's secret work, a means to bring conviction of sin to those who are living in sin and a means to strengthen a resolve to avoid sin to those who seek after holiness in both body and soul this coming year and throughout the remainder of their lives here on earth.

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