So a friend of mine who is here with me in rehab has decided he wants to go to seminary. He has completed all 6 Bible Correspondence courses the salvation army has to offer, and has read many spiritual books.

Upon asking him which books, he replies with the likes of Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. At the Salvation Army Bible Conference he was also very taken by Leonard Sweet.

My friend is a dear man, sweet as can be, and I think truly seeking Christ... But he seems to be gullible and obviously easily deceived.

How can I help him? What do I say? Are there any credible links I can point him to that will convincingly discredit and prove the heresy of the people he believes are people of God?

Any links would be fine as well.

I need to add that he isn't studied at all in theology. It's probably obvious from his influences, but just to clarify. I think he has good mental ability, he would just need to learn, is all, otherwise he seems like an airhead, until you realize he has potential.

Okay, any advice will be much appreciated! I do care for this man and hate to see him start on the wrong path and also to waste so much time. He is so full of energy and could do much for the ministry of the Gospel of Christ.