Can you say "RINO" 3 times really fast? igiveup

The issue has been about several fundamental perspectives:

1. A free Constitutional Republic vs. Socialism
2. Legitimate elections according to law, which in the "swing states" was openly violated.
3. The Constitutional right to petition the judicial branch to hear grievances and to present evidence of crime, which was denied by 50 courts, including the Supreme Court.
4. Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.
5. Freedom to own and bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.
and other crucial rights which are the foundation of the USA as intended by its founders.

Trump threw no one "under the bus". In fact, as is so often the case the very opposite is true. What moved so many who have supported Trump to stand against him since the federal election? Most did so out of fear of losing their positions, power and money if they stood with him to expose the blatant corruption in government and particularly the election process in seven key states.

Is Trump a "good man"? Undeniably not, as seen through the truth of God's Word. But he is a man who loves the USA and worked tirelessly to make things right again by standing firmly upon the Constitution and rooting out evil.

IF the Demorats try to push their communist/socialist agenda in this country, without any doubt, there is going to be a violent response by millions of people who fought to keep the United States a free society. As Rush Limbaugh is famous for his saying, "Don't doubt me on this!!!", I echo it without hesitation. Tell that to your Canadian "friends". We will not allow this country to become a Canada, Great Britain, Venezuela or Cuba or any other socialist/communist country. My states motto came out of the Revolutionary War..... "LIVE FREE OR DIE!" This lives in the heart of every true patriot of the USA. Those who choose to try and destroy this country will pay dearly for their efforts should force be used against us.

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