In the last while, I have tried to make myself fairly knowledgeable (still have a ways to go) of the American documents you make mention of. In fact, I probably know them better than I know the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; which I think I need to know better. Even in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is safe to say that in many respects the government has already gone against it.

I do not want to read into what you said. However, would I be correct to state that you believe there is undisputable evidence that the Democrats won the election fraudulently?

It appears (at least to me) that Vice President Pence disagrees with this and that is why he did not move to do what is in his power. I personally believe that if he believed there was still a chance that fraudulence could be proved, he would have done what he could.

This is a point that listening to Reformed commentators on seemed to be divided on. Some of them believe that there is indeed some fraud involved, but believe that this was not proven. Therefore, although they voted for President Trump, they also believe that the election needs to stand as is.

These same people also very much lean on the Constitution and I get the feeling that although they did not say it right out. If the Democrats start to go against the Constitution; they will only bend so far.

I have also heard/read Reformed Commentators throw even other Reformed American Christians under the bus, for believing that Trump needs to step aside and allow Biden to become President.