I want to make myself very clear, in Canada we have both RW and LW and most Christians I know can't stand Prime Minister Trudeau.

Even the people in the lunch room I was referring to, do not want the Democrats in power. Most of them are not even Christians, yet they are tired of hearing the mess that the US is in right now.

I want to say much of this is because it is really hard in Canada to get un-bias news. Even some of the RW news media, seem so far right they come across as unbelievable.

If you go to Reformed boards, you can find people that on most doctrinal issues they mostly agree with each other. Yet other than agreeing that they do not want the Democrats in power, they are willing to throw each other under the bus; especially where Covid is concerned. If someone (on either side of the border) is going to a Church that tries to comply with government regulations, while at the same trying to obey God. They are labeled as being disobedient to God and some go so far as say they are not even a true Church. I have never in over my 41 years as a Christian, seen an issue that divides Reformed Christians more.

If there is civil war, I can almost guarantee even Reformed Christians will be on opposite sides.


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