Welcome to the forum. Here is something I posted recently. Please bear with me others who have already read this before. These are my notes from a study I did from J. C. Ryle's book Holiness from the chapter on Sanctification that may be of some help to you.

[color:red]Justification is a finished work and rests entirely on Christ's work done for me.
"The only righteousness in which we can appear before God is the righteousness of another--even the perfect righteousness of our Substitute and Representative, Jesus Christ the Lord."

"Sanctification is the inward spiritual work which the Lord Jesus Christ works in a man by the Holy Spirit when he calls him to be a true believer." (J.C. Ryle)[color:red] We can never be more justified, but we can be more sanctified.
Sanctification is God's will for us. I Thess 4:3
It is a result of abiding in Christ. Jn 15:5
Without sanctification there is no real spiritual life. James 2:17-20
It is evidence of the Holy Spirit's presence. Romans 8:9,14
It is a mark of God's election. 2 Thess 2:13
It is our own fault if we are not holy.
We can grow in sanctification. 2 Peter 3:18; 1 Thess 4:1
We must expect inward spiritual conflict. Our hearts are occupied by two rival camps.
We must be diligent in using the means God has given us such as Bible reading, private prayer, worship, hearing faithful preaching, communion, etc.
All our works are imperfect, but our efforts can be pleasing to God when done with the right heart much as a small child's efforts can please their parent.
[color:red]Sanctification cannot justify us, yet it pleases God.
Our works will be examined for evidence of grace. Jn 5:29. We must be made fit for heaven. God wants to make us holy. We must not become discouraged that so many flaws remain in us. The more light we have, the more we will see our own imperfections and we will be ashamed. We are debtors to mercy and grace every hour.
"The Lord Jesus Christ has undertaken everything that His people's souls require; not only to deliver them from the guilt of their sins, but from the dominion of their sins, by placing in their hearts the Holy Spirit; not only to justify them, but also to sanctify them. He is, thus, not only their righteousness, but their sanctification." 1 Cor 1:30