Yes, I remember the issue itself. I also know that MacArthur is not without some of the blame However, I also know that when some of his fellow Calvinists such as Dr. Michael Horton and Dr. RC Sproul talked to him about the matter. He agreed with them and I understand he tried to clarify what he believed; hoping it would clear up the matter. Yet, despite all that it did very little good concerning his critics.
On the Lordship Salvation issue, there was no bigger supporter of MacArthur than RC Sproul.

As an aside note, I have talked to a few Calvinists over the years who maintain that Lordship Salvation is heretical. Hmm..., makes me wonder if they believe those who agree with it are heretics as well?

William Webster wrote an excellent article on Lordship Salvation, that can be found in the article section of the Highway.


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