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The "I accepted Jesus at the alter one time", but never showed any real fruit, contrasted with one never being sure if they rate for eternal life until "final vindication."

a. The first cries out to have the one true Gospel brought to him/her and pray that God would regenerate him/her and grant this person repentance and faith in the Lord Christ.

b. The second person may simply need enlightenment to the biblical doctrine of salvation. But an examination of the person's professed faith should not be ignored and may indicate the same approach as the first (a.).

You may not have read this older article that was written before the controversy became known as "Lordship Salvation". The heresy of those who oppose the doctrinal foundation of "Lordship Salvation" was existent long before and was then known as "The Carnal Christian Theory".

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simul iustus et peccator

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