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I think that the biggest concern with some of us in regards to Lordship Salvation is that it is mixing/blending together Justification and Sanctification, so one can be unsure of their real spiritual state, as in enough good works and enoug having jesus over my life etc.

Do you think that William Webster, in his article, is guilty of "mixing/blending together Justification and Sanctification"? Please provide quotes where you see this in his article.

Anyone who concerns themselves whether they have "enough good works and enough having Jesus over my life" is at best seriously confused about the two doctrines, and most notably justification.

What is most dominant in our present time is a total corruption of orthodoxy in both doctrine and life. Hundreds of thousands of people are still unregenerate but believe they are saved because some so-called pastor or evangelist told them they were saved. Or, they followed a series of "steps" written on the back of some tract, e.g., "The Four Spiritual Laws". Sandemanianism, aka: Easy Believism is surely the most insidious of the common heresies being promoted today.

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