Adopted said:

The issue remains on whether we are still free moral agents with total responsibility for our sins with punishment due in our own person, that is, unless our sins have been propituated. My charge is that if God had given us or even allowed a changed or corrupted "sinful nature", God logically then, becomes the author of sin.

Denny, logically, to avoid the charge of "author of sin" against God in your understanding here would require that God be something less than absolutely sovereign over His creation. The problem for you remains that there is indeed sin in this world, whether or not that sin indwells individual human beings rather than oppressing them from without as you seem to be proposing.

This is exactly what Adam did, as he was not deceived, and this is exactly what the Lord did in giving Adam and Eve their own world under their own administration that He had created. In His infinite wisdom He gave Adam and therefore Adam's children their heart's desire without changing their nature in any way.

There is no "infusion" of a sinful nature. God didn't make men sinful! Men are sinners in themselves from conception because they are sinners in Adam from the Fall. Adam forfeited his righteousness, and the righteousness of all in him, in that first sin. All men hence are born unrighteous, with hearts fundamentally opposed to God, not merely ignorant.

As our Lord Jesus said, what defiles a man proceeds out from his own heart.

I don't think you've really thought this through, Denny. It is evident you've been influenced by someone or something recently, but this is the devil's work. Be wary of it, do not be captivated by his wiles.

My brother, my heart is breaking because I really think you have fallen under some kind of deception! Please do not brush off what I am saying.


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.