That is exactly right!! God doesn't force the will. He [color:red]recreates the will. For the will of man, by nature is totally opposed to God. Every part of man's being since the Fall is in rebellion against God. In fact, all men by nature hate God. Therefore man WILL NOT seek God nor does he have any desire for God. Unless God the Spirit regenerates a man (makes him alive), there will not and cannot be any inclination towards God.

A man's will is BOUND by it's nature. Thus, a sinful nature chooses only that which is sinful. Thus men love darkness and hate the Light. Until God creates within the soul a desire for the Light, he will run from it and cavil against it. The will is subservient to the other two faculties of man; votive (intellect) and emotive (desire).

In His Grace,

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simul iustus et peccator

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